General Questions

Our production facility and offices are based in Jackson Missouri.

The best and fastest way to contact us is by email:

While in the production area we are unable to effectively answer phone calls.

We offer discounts on bulk purchases. To qualify for a bulk purchase a minimum of 10,000 dubia must be purchased. You can find more info on the discounts on our Bulk Dubia page.

We do not have recurring shipments. Customers must place their orders each time. The reason for this is needs change throughout the year and stock levels rise and fall. This makes sure that you do not end up with more than you need at any given time.

All orders are either double boxed or in deli cups. Smaller orders will usually use deli cups while larger orders will be double boxed. On occasion we will double box small orders if the weather dictates a safer delivery this way. Please make sure to use caution and open any inside box over a container as it will contain loose roaches. All orders will have some form of egg crates for increased surface area during transit.

Heat packs will be added for free as we deem them necessary for safe transit. We do not use heat packs until it gets very cold. Most of the time if you try to use heat packs in mild temperatures it ends up killing the roaches.

Insect Questions

The black beetles that may be present in your order are Dermestid beetles. They are part of the clean up crew. While not the most nutritious they are harmless if your animal happens to eat them.

This "fuzzy worm" is the larva of the Dermestid beetle. This is another life cycle of the clean up crew. This is the same as the beetle, while not the most nutritious they are harmless if your animal happens to eat them.

Sizes can be a bit deceiving. We recommend that if you think your order is the wrong size to actually get a tape measure or ruler and measure a few of them. While a few might be a bit outside of the range the majority should be within the specified range. If there is still an issue please get in contact with us and send us a few pictures with a common object such as coin (dime, nickle, quarter).

Please note the actual size in inches listed for the product that you are buying.

All the dubia in our facility are fed a roach chow that has been formulated specifically for the Blaptica dubia species. It is made locally just for us.

Shipping Questions

We ship using UPS only. We have found that both USPS and FedEx is unreliable in our area.

We ship on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Orders placed after 7am central time on Wednesday will be held to ship the following Monday.

Shipping cost can be found by adding items to the cart and putting in your zip code.

Shipping with UPS Ground is 1-5 days delivery. The map below is the estimated transit time for UPS ground.

After an order is processed you will receive an "Order Complete" email. Your tracking number will be at the bottom of that email. You can also log into your account to see any orders that you have placed.

Some times packages will miss a scan at a location. In this case even though it is not showing any movement the package may still be moving through the system. The best thing to do is give it a few more days and keep an eye on the tracking.

Shipping with UPS requires a physical address to ship to. We are unable to ship to a PO Box or have an order held at a local post office.

Any company that offers free shipping has that cost built into their products. We charge shipping based on weight, size of package, and destination. This allows us to have the lowest possible cost on each product. Unfortunately shipping cost has risen dramatically recently, when shipping anything live we want to make sure we are shipping them as responsible as possible. This is why we switched from using USPS and FedEx to using UPS.

We unfortunately can not accept request to ship with another service at this time. There are a few reasons for this, first our methods and accounts are set up using the current shipping provider of UPS. We would not have the time or means to try and drop off packages at multiple locations each day. USPS and FedEx has proven to be more and more unreliable every day for our area and we do not feel it is safe to use them to ship live products anymore.